120 years ago today - Apr 6, 1904; Wednesday

At noon today, between the sessions of the conference, the First Council of Seventy met at the office of the First Presidency, also Thomas E. Bassett, President of the Fremont [Idaho] Stake, Moses W. Taylor, President of Summit [Utah] Stake, and Jesse N. Smith, President of Snowflake [Arizona] Stake, these being all the prominent presiding officers that could be reached handily. President [Joseph F.] Smith informed them that the Apostles met yesterday afternoon, also this morning at nine o'clock, for the purpose of considering the exigencies of the present, said to be existing in reference to alleged plural marriages having been solemnized; and he said that the First Presidency and Apostles had decided to issue an official declaration on the subject, which was then read to them. After which they were invited to support it at the conference this afternoon, if they felt they could do so, with the understanding that each person present was left free to express himself in regard to it.
Questions were asked which drew from President Smith the statement that this declaration was nothing more nor less than confirmatory of President [Wilford] Woodruff's manifesto of 1890; adding that if any plural marriages had been performed they were performed without his knowledge or consent, and that persons having entered into them, or solemnized them, must be held responsible for their acts to the law of the land, as well as the rule and discipline of the Church. With this understanding the position of the First Presidency was endorsed on motion of George Reynolds.

[The "Second Manifesto" denies there has been General Authority- sanctioned plural marriages since 1890 Manifesto and threatens excommunication for anyone entering plural marriage. Some apostles continue performing and entering new plural marriages for almost two more years. Joseph F. Smith would later sanction two additional plural marriages.]

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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