180 years ago today - Apr 25, 1844 - Thursday

[Council of Fifty]

Although in the previous meeting JS had declared the council full, two more members were admitted. In the morning session, council members discussed a proposal before the U.S. House of Representatives related to Oregon. ... JS also proposed that, instead of meeting, council members should travel and campaign for JS's presidency. ...

On motion Er Wm. Smith and Jedidiah M. Grant were then received for time and for all eternity, by the unanimous vote of the council, and took their seats in order. ...

The chairman then made some further remarks and advised that we let the constitution alone. He would tell us the whole matter about the constitution as follows—

Verily thus saith the Lord, yea are my constitution, and I am your God, and ye are my spokesmen. From henceforth do as I shall command you.

Saith the Lord.

Er Rigdon motioned that the constitution be received and the vote was unanimous, whereupon the council adjourned "sine die"

[Joseph Smith Papers: Council of Fifty, Minutes, March 1844-January 1846]

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