145 years ago today - Apr 23, 1879

[Joseph and Hiel Lewis]

[Joseph Smith's] so-called "money digging," of which so little is said in his histories, was in Susquehanna Co. Pa. Smith declared that vast treasures were hidden on this spot, and interested men of money sufficiently to procure funds to bear the expense of searching for it. Mr. Ira Stevens of East Grove Township [Illinois], lately deceased, was in his employ as head workman, and had charge of the excavation. The project was abandoned only when the prophet declared the enchantment was so great he could see no farther, and to dispel it, a snow white dog must be slain and its warm blood sprinkled in the hole. His adherents sought far and wide for a white dog, but none were to be found. Smith then thought a white sheep would do--one was brought, its fleece thoroughly cleaned, the sheep was slain and its blood administered as directed; but the enchantment was as great as ever, and the pursuit of wealth in those diggings had to be abandoned.

["The Histories of Mormonism," Amboy (IL) Journal, 23 April 1879., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Amboy (Il) Journal]

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