120 years ago today - Apr 9, 1904; Saturday

[Joseph F. Smith]

I have only just received word from Elder [John W.] Taylor whose letter was written in Canada Mar[ch]. 16th but did not reach me until the 7th inst. His letter will speak for itself and I will forward it to you by this mail together with a letter received from Elder [Matthias F.] Cowley something over a week ago. You will see that they both refuse to voluntarily go before the [Senate] Committee. Elder Cowley Says if he is subpoenaed he will go but will not put himself in the way. I regret that these brethren have decided to do as they have. ... And you will pardon me if I say that after the scandalous treatment I have received from the public press on account of my testimony given before the Committee, I cannot blame these gentlemen for the conclusion they have reached half so much as I might have done under other circumstances and fairer treatment.

Of course you know how I have been horribly caricatured and made hideous in cartoons, and slandered and lied about most outrageously, and all for what? Well, I will not take time to answer here.

...In relation to what Mrs. Stanley intends to say to the committee, if put upon the witness stand, I can only say that if Lillian H. Cannon told her that She "was married to Abra[ha]m H. Canon by President Jos[eph]. F. Smith, at Sea &c." She simply lied! I dislike to say that any lady would lie. And I am loath to believe that Mrs. Cannon every told anybody any such thing, for I cannot conceive what object she could have in making such a statement if she made it at all. I have been told by one of her most intimate friends that she herself denies every having told such a story.

To you, I will say that my wife accompanied me on that trip. I cannot recall a moment when I was in the presence of Mrs. Cannon that my wife was not with us. ....

[Joseph F. Smith, letter to Reed Smoot, excerpt in Quinn Papers, original in LDS Archives]

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