180 years ago today - Apr 8, 1844

Joseph Smith preaches: "From hence forth the elders shall build churches where ever the people receive the gospel. [If there are] sufficient [numbers] then build stakes to this place," which is the first authorization for organizing stakes anywhere in the world.

Joseph also preaches: "You know there has been great discussion in relation to Zion-where it is, and where the gathering of the dispensation is, and which I am now going to tell you. The prophets have spoken and written upon it; but I will make a proclamation that will cover a broader ground. The whole of America is Zion itself from north to south, and is described by the Prophets, who declare that it is the Zion where the mountain of the Lord should be, and that it should be in the center of the lull." This is a change from the teaching that Zion was located in Jackson county, Missouri.

Hyrum Smith addresses conference "on Spiritual wife system. The first one we heard reporting such stories we will report him in the Time[s] and Seasons to come and give up his licence. He was decided against it in every form and spoke at length." Hyrum at this time was secretly living in polygamy.

[On This Day in Mormon History, http://onthisdayinmormonhistory.blogspot.com]

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