180 years ago today - April 7, 1844

Mary C. Westover recalled [of the King Follett Discourse] "The most striking thing I remember was a prophecy Joseph Smith made, which I saw fulfilled immediately. It was at the funeral service of King Follett, in the Nauvoo Grove. A heavy thunderstorm arose. The people became frightened and started to go home. But the Prophet arose and told the multitude that if they would remain still and pray in their hearts the storm would not molest them in their services. They did as they were bidden, and the storm divided over the grove. I well remember how it was storming on all sides of the grove, yet it was calm around us as if there was no sign of a storm." (Young Woman's Journal, vol. 17, 1906, also Journal of Amasa Potter, p. 494)

[A Timeline of Joseph Smith's Prophecies: His Prophecies Fulfilled (https://amzn.to/42s0h3I)]

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