180 years ago today - May 13, 1844

Joseph receives a letter from Orson Hyde in Washington and discusses it in general council. Orson Hyde writes that Joseph's proposal that he be empowered to raise 100,000 volunteers will probably not be passed. However, Orson Hyde does have several discussions with prominent legislators who give him good advice about the possibility of moving to Oregon or Texas, or even California. Unfortunately, however, since many Missourians are moving to Oregon, Hyde says that the move, if it is to be made, must be made at once. Hyde also describes his meeting with President Tyler, whom he describes as a "very plain, home spun, familiar, farmer-like man." Stephen A. Douglas recommends Oregon and says "he would resign his seat in Congress if he could command the force that Mr. Smith could, and would be on the march to the country in a month." Elder Hyde also hints of the probable coming war with Mexico, if Texas is admitted into the Union, and says that Orson Pratt and Elder Hyde
himselfsubmitted a bill asking for $2 million in relief for the sufferings in Missouri. )

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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