180 years ago today - May 3, 1844 - Friday

[Council of Fifty]

Elder [Lucien] Woodworth having returned from his mission, reported that in course of his travels he had visited Galveston in the Texas, and had an interview with President [Sam] Houston. He made some propositions to Houston, but at first he thought nothing could be done. There are two parties in Texas, about equal in power. Houston goes out of office in December 'Tis thought he will be re-elected. There are many speculators who wish to have the Texas annexed to the United States to raise the price of land. ... There are many speculators in New Orleans &c who married [carried?] their slaves to Texas. ... The Texian government offered England certain principles for protection. I made a proposition to General Houston to give or sell us a tract of land on the Rio Grande. President thought it doubtful whether Congress would grant it. Next day he thought Congress might grant the Saints a tract for a settlement. ... Houston asked if I had any books on our religion and was sorry I
had not, so that he could read them. I told him I did not come to treat with him on religion. I told him if he did agree to give us a tract on which we might institute a government, we might try to get some other grant and assist them in their government. ...

The chairman [Joseph Smith] suggested to select 50 men aside from this council and organize them. Give each man his stint, to convert his equal in Texas at Galveston, and assist them in organizing a good government. ...

Er Hyrum Smith thought the first move ought to be to get a grant of land on which to colonize the poor of England &c. and the fame thereof will go abroad as a place of rest and safety, and the people may gather.

Dr. [John M.] Bernhisel approved of petitioning Congress of Texas for a grant of land. ...

[Joseph Smith Papers: Council of Fifty, Minutes, March 1844-January 1846]

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