Today in Mormon History - Aug 27

Joseph Smith, jun., Sidney Rigdon and Oliver Cowdery arrived at Kirtland, O., from their visit to Missouri. (1)
-- 180 years ago today - Aug 27, 1831 (Saturday)

The first area conference of the Church was held in Manchester, England. Before the program of holding large area conferences ended in 1980, 63 were held throughout the world. (2)
-- 40 years ago today - Aug 27, 1971-29

Brigham Young preaches: "I will turn again to the Latter-day Saints and to the world, and will say I would to God that the Latter-day Saints would take the word of Brigham Young to be law! I will defy the inhabitants of the whole earth to tell one word that he ever counseled that was wrong; or to point out a path that he ever advised man or woman to walk in but would lead to light, life, glory, immortality, and to all that is good or desirable by the intelligence that dwells upon the earth. What do you say, is that boasting? If any person has a mind to call it boasting, do so." (3)
-- 140 years ago today - Aug 27, 1871

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