Today in Mormon History - Aug 30

According to several early historical sources, Doctrine and Covenants 63 is received on this date. The revelation reproves a number of Kirtland Saints for their disobedience and gives further instructions concerning the establishment of the Church in Missouri. (1)
-- 180 years ago today - Aug 30, 1831

[William Clayton Writings] Being advised by Brother Kimball to buy 2 city lots and move into the city of Zarahemla (according to a previous revelation) on the 30th I went over to President John Smiths and bought two. (2)
-- 170 years ago today - Aug 30, 1841, Monday

Announcement that Billings, Montana will be site of sixty-third functioning LDS temple. It is dedicated in 1999. (3)
-- 15 years ago today - Aug 30, 1996

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2 - Fillerup, Robert C., compiler; William Clayton Nauvoo Diaries and Personal Writings, A chronological compilation of the personal writings of William Clayton while he was a resident of Nauvoo, Illinois.
3 - On This Day in Mormon History,

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