120 years ago - Nov 27, 1899

[Sara Melissa Ingersoll]

"One of his [Joseph Smith's] followers had a nice black, fat, pet sheep. He told them it was revealed to him that they should dig a trench around a certain spot' [and] cut the artery in the sheep's neck, walk him around the trench and form a circle of blood" to keep the evil spirit out of the circle "then commence digging; but if any one spoke a word the treasure would surely vanish." ...

[Sara Melissa Ingersoll, "Mormonism Unveiled," copy in letter to Hellen Miller Gould, 27 November 1899, as quoted in A Topical Guide of Treasure-Seeking Rituals From the American Northeast during the 18th and 19th Centuries, Compiled by Joseph T. Antley (2010)]

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