130 years ago today - Thursday, Nov 14th 1889

[John Nuttle]

... Prest. L. Snow was of the opinion that Bros. Merrill & Lund and Thatcher could go onto the Stand and testify that there were no such oaths, obligations or covenants required in the Endowments, but if they should be asked what did transpire there they could refuse to answer. Bro. John Henry Smith, asked if there would be any objections to his referring to what is written in the Revelations of St. John in regard to prayer &c. by way of rebuttal. Bro. Snow answered No! that it would be proper for him to do so and that Bros Merrill & Lund could corroberate (sic) that; but that none of the brethren should give any of the Endowments or instructions but refuse to answer questions to that end. ...

[Diary Excerpts of L. John Nuttall, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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