155 years ago today - Nov 15, 1864

George A. Smith accuses Warren Parrish, from the pulpit of the Ogden Tabernacle, of taking $100,000 out of the vault, buying up everything, and putting the money back before Joseph was aware. Given that $100,000 KSS would only be worth $1,250 of goods at the time (or $2,650 at the best of times), Warren could have done it. This claim is dubious, and odds that someone else would have noticed and mentioned it are high.

[Kirtland Timeline – Kirtland Safety Society, the Bank of Monroe, Temple Dedication, Consecration, and significant historical events related, http://www.exploringmormonism.com/kirtland-timeline-kirtland-safety-society-the-bank-of-monroe-temple-dedication-consecration-and-significant-historical-events-related/]

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