130 years ago today - Nov 13, 1889

[Apostle Heber J. Grant]

At seven thirty attended a meeting at the Gardo. The question of how far we would be justified in revealing the secrets of the Endowments to head off the attempts that are being made to show that there are oaths taken in the Endowments that are contrary to those that a good citizen should take was fully and freely talked over, and the general feeling was to say nothing about the endowments in Court and to suffer the consequences no matter what they would be.

[The First Presidency Office Journal entry for this day noted during a court hearing: " ... then Bro[ther] A. D. Thatcher, John Clark, W[illiam] W Riter, E[dwin] G Woolley, Frank Jennings & J H Anderson were asked some questions in point as to oaths & all of whom answered very well & pointedly. Bro[ther] Riter had formed an impression in regard to avenging the blood of the prophets & church when he got his endowments which had continued with him so that he was not clear as to other brethren.]

[Diary of Heber J. Grant, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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