120 years ago today - Mar 7, 1900; Wednesday

Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow, [George Q.] Cannon and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office today as usual.

Recently a letter was received from the presidency of the Relief Society in Dublan, Mexico, asking certain questions on the subject of washing and anointing sisters preparatory to confinement, and women and children for the restoration of their health; and among the questions was one asking if the washing should be sealed, and if the sisters had a right to seal, using no authority but doing it in the name of Jesus, or should men holding the Priesthood be called in to attend to their particular part of the ceremony or administration. These questions were referred to the general presiding officers of the Relief Society to prepare answers and submit the same. The answer to this question was as follows: Brethren are sometimes called in to seal the washing and anointing; usually by the desire of the sister herself, her husband being called, or her father, or someone in whom she has great faith. In case no request is made for brethren to be called, the sealing is done by the sisters officiating, uniting their faith and simply doing so in the name of Jesus, not mentioning authority.

President Smith expressed himself to the effect that in his opinion the word "seal" should not be used by the sisters at all, but that the word "confirm" might be substituted, and that it should be used not in an authoritative way but in the spirit of invocation.

Presidents Snow and Cannon endorsed this, and the secretary was directed to refer the answer back with the request that the sisters of the Relief Society adopt the change.

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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