135 years ago today - Mar 23, 1885

[Christopher Stafford (neighbor of Joseph Smith)]

Jo got drunk while we were haying for my uncle, Wm. Stafford ; also at a husking at our house, and stayed overnight. I have often seen him drunk. ...

Jo claimed he could tell where money was buried, with a witch hazel consisting of a forked stick of hazel. He held it one fork in each hand and claimed the upper end was attracted by the money. I heard my stepfather, Robert Orr, say he had been digging for money one night. Some of my neighbors also said they were digging for money nights. My mother-in-law, Mrs. [Sarah Witt] Rockwell, said that Prophet Jo Smith told her there was money buried in the ground and she spent considerable time digging in various places for it. I never knew of her finding any. Jo Smith told me there was a peep-stone for me and many others if we could only find them. Jo claimed to have revelations and tell fortunes. He told mine by looking in the palm of my hand and said among other things that I would not live to be very old.

When he claimed to find gold plates of the Mormon Bible no attention was paid to them or him by his neighbors. Some time after Jo had men dig on a tunnel forty or fifty feet long on a hill about two miles north of where he claimed to find the plates. I have been in it. Some people surmised it was intended for counterfeiting. Jo was away much of the time summers. He claimed to have a revelation that Manchester, N.Y., was to be destroyed and all the Mormons must leave for Kirkland, ...

[Christopher M. Stafford statement, Naked Truths About Mormonism (April 1888): 1., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Christopher M. Stafford Statement]

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