45 years ago today - Mar 25, 1975

BYU's DAILY UNIVERSE reports that at a Marriott Center concert of the rock band "Tower of Power" they played "with enough volume to shake the rafters," The article reports that the audience went "almost out of control," with people dancing in the aisles. Several fans had to be escorted out by BYU security officers. One group of students writes a letter to the editor calling the event "the finest and most enjoyable concert of the year" However BYU president Dallin Oaks responds by vowing "there will be no more 'rock concerts at BYU." For 1977 homecoming the featured performer is Andy Williams who fills less than half of the seats in the Marriott Center.

[On This Day in Mormon History, http://onthisdayinmormonhistory.blogspot.com]

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