140 years ago today - Mar 20, 1880

The SUSQUEHANNA JOURNAL (PA) reprints the money-digging agreement of Nov. 1, 1825, signed by Joseph Smith Jr., his father, and seven other men including Josiah Stowell and Isaac Hale, Joseph's future father-in-law: "We, the undersigned, do firmly agree, & by these presents bind ourselves, to fulfill and abide by the hereafter specified articles: Firs-That if anything of value should be obtained at a certain place in Pennsylvania near a Wm Hale's, supposed to be a valuable mine of either Gold or Silver and also to contain coined money and bars or ingots of Gold or Silver, and at wich several hands have been at work during a considerable part of the past summer, we do agree to have it divided in the following manner, viz.: Josiah Stowell, Calvin Stowell and Wm. Hale to take two-thirds, and Charles Newton, Wm. I. Wiley, and the Widow Harper to take the other third. And we further agree that Joseph Smith, Sen. and Joseph Smith, Jr. shall be considered as having two shares, two elevenths of all the property that may be obtained, the shares to be taken equally from each third. . . ."

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