175 years ago today - Mar 4, 1845 • Tuesday

[Council of Fifty]

... The chairman said that this was the kingdom which Daniel saw would be set up in the last days which would overthrow and subdue all other kingdoms. This is a place designed as a place of trial for each one admitted and if we are found faithful in this council the time will come when each one will be anointed and ordained prophets, priests and kings. In the resurrection each one of these kings will appear from their respective kingdoms from time to time to make reports of matters in their kingdoms to the king of kings and will receive instructions to carry to their respective kingdoms from him. Joseph Smith is the king of kings to this kingdom, but he is now gone within the vail and president Young takes his place. If a man step beyond his bounds he will lose his kingdom as Lucifer did and it will be given to others who are more worthy. Brother Emmet [James Emmett] transcended his bounds and he lost his kingly authority and is no more a member with us, and so it has been with Lyman Wight and others and these brethren come in and take their crowns. ...

W.W. Phelps said in addition to the remarks already made that the first thing which presents itself is, that the greatest fears manifested by our enemies is the union of Church and State. I believe we are actually doing this and it is what the Lord designs. The kingdom of God was established for the uniting of Ephraim. The scriptures say that Ephraim shall have the first dominion. ... The revelations say that "the gentiles shall assist my people to build the Temple". I read in the Book of doctrine and yesterday covenants yesterday that the gathering together should be in Jackson County Missouri. ... If you go from the highest officer of the United States to the lowest citizen the answer would be "destroy Mormonism" from the face of the earth, and I have yet to learn whether there was not a combination from the Legislatures Legislators to the lickskittles to destroy the prophets. ... In a little while—when the nations are agitating themselves with strife the powers that be will rise up against themselves, and the slaves will rise up against their masters, and then will the red men come out from their hiding places and go forth to waste and destroy with fire pestilence &c. The present mission [to the Indians] is one of the most important missions ever undertaken. There has never been a time when a kingdom was established that was not thrown down, but this kingdom will never be thrown down. ...

[Joseph Smith Papers: Council of Fifty, Minutes, March 1844-January 1846]

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