70 years ago today - Mar 13, 1950

[George Albert Smith]

At ten o'clock Sterling Sill asked for an appointment and came in to discuss front page editorial that was published in the Deseret News, Sunday, March 5, reprimanding the University of Utah for the publication of a magazine called 'The Pen' which contained a compilation of articles and poems and stories and distributed in connection with the centennial program of the University of Utah. Unfortunately, a number of these articles were written by people known to be bitter anti- Mormons, and condensations of some of their works were published in this magazine. ... The editorial was rather firmly worded and naturally caused some comment, particularly by University people. Yesterday another editorial was printed acknowledging some explanations that were made by the University and indicating that as far as the paper was concerned the matter was now closed. Brother Sill, Chairman of the Board of Regeants, came to discuss this matter and said that he had come to see me because he was going up to a meeting of the Board of Regeants. ... It was observed that if such a spirit continued we would have an anti-Mormon Board of Trustees, an anti-Mormon President of the University, and the old fight would be on again. Brother Sill said that he did not think Governor Lee could get Olpin out as the President. He said he would rather count on Clarence Bamberger and William O'Conner. ... The other day I visited with Dr. Olpin at his home, and he showed me a letter which he had written in answer to the editorials which had been published. He felt quite keenly about it, because he was out of town at the time that the magazine was published and knew nothing of its contents, although he is listed as one of the editors. After talking with him at some length I discouraged him from publishing his letter as he had intended to do and to just let the matter drop. He thanked me for my advice and counsel.

[George Albert Smith Diary, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1910-1951, Privately Published, Salt Lake City, Utah 2010]

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