150 years ago today - Feb 11, 1872

Orson Pratt preaches on the Book of Mormon "After landing on the western coast of South America, they divided into two colonies, one colony called Lamanites, the other called Nephites. . . . Being so severely persecuted by the Lamanites, the Nephites were commanded of the Lord to depart from their midst, . . . . the Nephites formed a colony not far from the head waters of the river Amazon, and they dwelt there some four centuries, increasing and spreading forth in the land. The Lamanites, in the South and in the middle portions of South America, also spread forth and multiplied, and became a very strong and powerful nation. . . . . under the guidance of prophets and revelators, [they] came still further northward, emigrating from the head waters of what we now term the river Amazon, upon the western coast, or not far from the western coast, until they came on the waters of the river which we call the Magdalena. On this river, not a great distance from the mouth thereof, in what is now termed the United States of Columbia, they built their great capital city."

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