160 years ago today - Feb 4, 1862

[Augusta Adams Cobb Young (plural wife of Brigham Young)]

Now B Br[righam] [sic] Young Can you not see how all this disgrace and distress might have been avoided? Most assuredly you can[.] If you had allowed me to have gone up to Nauvoo free and untrameled In my Spiret I should have seen Br Joseph the first thing. But instead of that you exacted a promise of me that I would not see him alone Saying he would certainly over come me[.] I replied if he did he would be the first man. You then Said I had never had to deal with a Prophet of the Lord[.] Now suppose he had over come me And I should by that means have raised up a Son or a King if you please[.] Who would have been the wiser?

[Augusta Adams Cobb Young to Brigham Young (typescript: Connell O'Donavan)]

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