65 years ago today - Tue Feb 19, 1957

[David O. McKay]

In telephone conversation with Stephen L Richards from Nevada: President Richards stated that he had something to report to me. He had attended church at Logandale Sunday upon invitation of the peoplee, and while there he learned that the members of the Church had just finished one of these "store strikes," and had tried to live for two weeks on the supplies they had on hand, not buying anything from the store. I asked President Richards how this had affected the little store in that locality, and he answered that the store did not sell much for two weeks. Then President Richards went on to say further that he had learned that the members of the Church in Las Vegas are just about to go on a "store strike," and live for a period of two weeks without buying anything from the store. I told President Richards to tell the people at this place not to do it. These projects have gone to the extreme, and have been carried too far. President Richards felt that the Welfare Committee should send out instructions pertaining to this, that the people in the stakes have apparently gotten this idea from some of the Welfare Committee visitors at the Stake Conferences. He felt that it would be better for the General Welfare Committee to send out instructions. He said it is his feeling that these visitors had gone to the Conferences with such enthusiasm that the people had obtained these ideas from them. I said that I felt that the rumors which have been circulated about the revelation I had supposedly had has also contributed to this situation. President Richards said that this is all stimulating to a feeling that the end of things is very near.

[McKay, David O., Office Journal]

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