160 years ago today - Feb 4, 1862

[Augusta Cobb to her husband Brigham Young]

Now B Br [sic] Young Can you not see how all this disgrace and distress might have been avoided? Most assuredly you can If you had allowed me to have gone up to Nauvoo free and untrameled In my Spiret I should have seen Br Joseph the first thing. But instead of that you exacted a promise of me that I would not see him alone Saying he would certainly over come me I replied if he did he would be the first man. You then Said I had never had to deal with a Prophet of the Lord Now suppose he had over come me And I should by that means have raised up a Son or a King if you please Who would have been the wiser?

[Augusta Adams Cobb Young to Brigham Young (typescript: Connell O'Donavan)]

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