160 years ago today - Feb 5, 1862

Brigham Young writes to the Mormon representative in Washington D. C. "-there was not a particle of authority given Congress by the Constitution to organize Territorial government-Such being the real fact on that point, what good reason can Congress urge against our admission to the family of States, our Constitution being strictly republican in form, and we having long ago proved our capability to sustain self government. Aside from the justness of our being relieved from our illegal colonial position, which we have borne so long and patiently, it most certainly is to their pecuniary interest to admit us, a view of so slight moment at present. You can inform the President that he need not appoint a Governor, Judges, etc., for Utah, or if he appoints them, that he can pay them their salaries there, and advise them to remain at home, for we have no use for them here." Young's letter doesn't mention the main obstacle to Utah statehood: polygamy.

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