160 years ago today - Feb 9, 1862

Brigham Young preaches, "to hang a man for such a deed would not begin to satisfy my feelings." He speaks of discovery that Jean Baptiste has been robbing Mormon graves in Salt Lake City for four years, stripping clothes and valuables from corpses. Young also says, "it did not injure the dead in the morning of the resurrection but it is a diabolical act in the man. All of the dead will be Cloathed in the morning of the resurrection No matter how they are Burried. Judge Elias Smith writes that "the people would have torn him in pieces," and without a trial (or even formal charges being filed) the sentence Young recommends is carried out-banishment of Baptiste to a deserted island in the Great Salt Lake. On Aug. 4, Church Historian's Office Journal notes that punishment included cutting off his ears and branding his forehead with words "Grave robber," (Young's recommendation) but that he has disappeared from island. Thirty-two years later skeleton is found with ball-and-chain attached to its leg bone and with the decapitated skull lying several feet away. SALT LAKE HERALD claims this is the grave-robber's remains, which DESERET NEWS denies. Young's nephew later writes that Ephraim Hanks killed Baptiste. Brigham Young also speaks on "Attention paid to Females:" "Some Females complain that there is not attention Enough paid to them in this Community. But I will say that there is no Community on Earth where as much respect & attention is paid to Females as in this Church. Every old woman thinks she must go to Every party and Many a first wife thinks she should be Queen of the rest of the wives surfs. But this I do not believe in." Heber C. Kimball preaches: "Some of you have got an idea that wool will not do; but let me inform you that when Peter came and sat in the Temple in Kirtland, he had on a neat woollen garment, nicely adjusted round the neck"

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