175 years ago today - Monday, Feb 1, 1847.

[Willard Richards]

About 4 p.m., the Dr. [Richards] called on President Young, found him sitting up, some better. Informed him that it was reported that the Omahas had threatened to kill him if he did not give up Henry Miller and Arza Adams to them, to be punished for robbing their dead friends of their buffalo robes, moccasins, etc. The President wished a council in the evening to investigate the matter and send letters to Miller and Adams to restore the property, also, to Major Miller, the government agent...

President Kimball said he dreamed a few nights since that a tremendous storm arose and beat open a great body of waters, and after it abated, thought he would go to the shore and see the fish he thought must have been destroyed. Did not disturb the dead, but tried to save some not quite dead, caught several by the tail and opened one large one with his knife and out hopped an Indian.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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