125 years ago today - Apr 7, 1897; Wednesday

Elder Geo[rge]. Teasdale spoke on the secret character of meetings of this kind, and expressed his sorrow that things talked about therein were carried by brethren present to outside parties. He felt that those who had done this were guilty of betraying their brethren, and that if they did not repent and humble themselves, they would surely fall away.

The subject of secret societies was introduced, and in answer to questions, Pres[ident]. G[eorge]. Q. Cannon drew a distinction between those orders which were simply to aid the temporal condition of members, and those which interfered with the rights of employers or employees, or which interfered with membership in the Church, or hindered men from performing Church duties, going on missions, etc. There were men who belonged to the masonic Order, and he did not consider that such membership should interfere with their admission into the Temple or prayer circles. As a general proposition, it was not considered wise for our brethren to join secret societies.

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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