125 years ago today - Apr 7, 1897 • Wednesday

[George Q. Cannon]

... The subjects to which I had referred at the Priesthood meeting I revived again, and felt to urge that something be done in relation to them, namely, furnishing labor for the unemployed (a duty which I felt devolved upon the Bishops of this Church, and of which the Presiding Bishops should take the lead), and the organization of some plan or system by which Latter-day Saints gathered from afar might be looked after and aided when they reached this country, and not be allowed to drift hither and thither without care, after the great labor it had cost the Elders who had gone out as missionaries to convert them and to bring them here. I stated that I felt this was a defect in our organization, and that as wise men we should remedy it, and not allow these souls to be lost after they reached here. Before we adjourned, a resolution was adopted requesting the First Presidency to appoint a committee of nine to take these subjects into consideration. ...

... the first time in my life, that I can recall, that I ever had a subject assigned me, or that I ever assigned to myself a subject... My trust has always been in the Spirit. If I did not have the Spirit, I did not want to talk; and when I had the Spirit I felt that the Lord could inspire me to say whatever he thought necessary. ... Brother Heber J. Grant said if he were going to give me any advice it would be to never prepare a subject to speak upon, but trust to the Spirit. I replied, it is advice I have always acted upon, and hoped I always should.

[The Journal of George Q. Cannon, Church Historian's Press, https://churchhistorianspress.org/george-q-cannon]

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