165 years ago today - May 25, 1857

Wilford Woodruff's daughter Phebe "had a vary Severe attack of inflamation on the Lungs or sumthing like plurisy. She Could not Breath ownly with great Difficulty." After anointing her and rebuking the disease Woodrff "finally got Joseph Smiths silk Hankerchief which He gave me in 1839 . . . I laid it upon her stomach. Broth Dunyon Came in to see her in the evening she became some better & slept some." "A large Mormon colony took possession of the valley of Deer Creek 100 miles west of Fort Laramie and drove away a band of Sioux whom I had settled there in Apr and whom I [Indian agent Thomas S. Twiss] had induced to plant corn." Twiss writes to the U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs, " I respectfully and earnestly call the attention of the department to the invasion and enter my protest against its occupation of Indian country in force and the forced ejection of the Indians from the place where I had settled them. I am powerless to control this matter for the Mormons obey no law enacted by Congress."

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