185 years ago today - May 29, 1837

Frederick G. Williams, David Whitmer, Parley P. Pratt, Lyman E. Johnson, and Warren Parrish are accused of pursuing a course that is considered injurious to the church of God. A Church court is called to try them. Referring to the charges against Pratt, Sidney Rigdon says he cannot sit in judgment and leaves the stand. Oliver Cowdery then does likewise. Williams leaves also. Confusion breaks out and the court is closed without a decision. Lyman E. Johnson and Orson Pratt bring charges against Joseph Smith for "lying and misrepresentation—also for extortion—and for speaking disrespectfully against his brethren behind their backs." Late in May 1837 while Joseph is on a mission in Michigan, members of the Twelve and others meet in the temple to drop Joseph as prophet of the Church. They want to replace him with David Whitmer. Brigham Young and a few others defend the Prophet and are called a "lick skillet" for doing so. Jacob Bump, a former boxer, almost gets into a fist fight with Brigham, but the meeting breaks up in confusion.

[Brigham Young University Studies (various issues), Su '71, 327; Ivan J. Barrett, Joseph Smith and the Restoration 342-43; Journal of Discourses (26 volumes) 11:11; Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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