180 years ago today - May 20th 1842

[High Council Minutes]

Council met at the Store of Joseph Smith Lodge Room

Charge against Chancy L Higbee by George Miller For unchaste and unvirtuous conduct with the widow Miller and others. Plead not guilty.

Three witness testified that he had seduced them and at different times been guilty of unchaste and unvirtuous conduct with them and taught the doctrine that it was right to have free intercourse with women if it was kept secret &c and also taught that Joseph Smith authorized him to practise these things &c.

On motion of President Hyrum Smith

Resolved, That he (Chancy Higbee) be expelled from the Church ...

[Minutes of the High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Nauvoo Illinois: Nauvoo Hancock County Illinois, http://amzn.to/uXAcJh%20]

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