175 years ago today - May 3, 1847

[George J. Adams Deposition]

... In the fall of eighteen hundred and forty four, after her return from Nauvoo to Boston, Mrs. Cobb said she loved Brigham Young, better than she did her husband <Mr. Cobb,> and live or die she was xx going to live with him at all hassards. This was in the course of a conversation, in which she <used> extravagant language, in favor of Mr. Young, and against Mr. Cobb. Mrs. Cobb, went out again to Nauvoo, the second time and lived <with> Mr. Young, and their living together and their conduct, was the subject of conversation in the society and out of the society. The general topic of conversation, was that they were living together in illicit intercourse. The subject of conversation, to which I have alluded <was> that persons had a right to live together in unlawful intercourse, and Mrs. Cobb avowed her belief in their doctrine and said it was right.

[Written Deposition of George J. Adams]

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