165 years ago today - Jul 12, 1857

Heber C. Kimball preaches: "Women were never placed to lead. Did you ever see a ship rigged for sailing to England, or to any other port in the world, without a helm, and rudder, and a man who knew the points of the compass and how to receive instructions for guiding that ship. And then you will sometimes see a number of boats lashed with cables to a large ships and they are all led by that ship, and that is guided by the power and intelligence on board of it; Women are made to be led, and counselled, and directed. If they are not led, and do not make their cables fast to the power and authority they are connected with, they will be damned. Instead of cutting those little fibres that pertain to those cables which connect them with the ship, they ought to be adding other strands to to the cables, that they may stand when the sea becomes boisterous. . . .Women are to be led. If I should undertake to drive a woman, I should have to drive her before me; and then she becomes my leader the moment I do that. I should lead her; and she should be led by me, if I am a good man; and if I am not a good man, I have no just right in this Church to a wife or wives, or to the power to propagate my species. What, then, should. be done with me? Make a eunuch of me, and stop my propagation."

[Heber C. Kimball: The Latter - Day Kingdom - Men not to Be Governed By Their Wives - Love to God Manifested By Love to His Servants, JD 5:27 - 34]

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