165 years ago today - Jul 12, 1857

Patriarch John Young preaches: "I wonder if some one won't go away and say that brother [Heber C.] Kimball and the authorities were misinformed. I can tell you they are not; for those men who stand at the head of affairs have the light of heaven with them all the time; they have the power of the Spirit and the visions of the heavens with them always, and they can read men and women from head to foot. After this, I don't want anybody to go away from the meeting and say, 'I guess they were mistaken.' Don't let us hear any more of it, brethren; never let such a thing be spoken, that a Prophet of God is mistaken. I ask this congregation, and I adjure you in the name of the Lord to speak, if ever you heard brother Brigham, brother Kimball, brother Jedediah, or brother Wells say anything that was not strictly true. I answer, you never did." Heber C. Kimball interrupts at this point: "If it were so, a man might be a Prophet one minute and a devil another."

[John Young: Blessings of Zion - Prophets of God to Be Relied On - Enemies of the Saints, JD 5:24 - 27]

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