170 years ago today - Dec 14, 1842

[Joseph Smith] Joseph sends a delegation to Springfield. They call on Gov. Ford to present an affidavit from Joseph. Ford, who interprets the law much more literally than his predecessor, Gov. Carlin, states that in his interpretation the writ against Joseph by Carlin is illegal. Joseph, feeling he can trust Ford not to extradite him (as Carlin had tried to do), now feels free to come out of hiding.

Clayton described Governor Ford as "a very small man apparently weighing about 110 lbs." He added, "The Govr appeared friendly and we think we shall succeed in obtaining a countermand of the writ &c."

[Source: Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology; Fillerup, Robert C., compiler; William Clayton Nauvoo Diaries and Personal Writings, A chronological compilation of the personal writings of William Clayton while he was a resident of Nauvoo, Illinois. http://www.boap.org/LDS/Early-Saints/clayton-diaries]

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  1. Correction to 1st Paragraph, Line 3: This should read "... Gov. FORD, states that in his interpretation ..." See HC 5: 205.


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