1812, 200 years ago this year.

Thomas Brown's 'An Account of the People Called Shakers' mentions the "New Jerusalem," healing, gifts of tongues, miracles, church built on the rock of revelation, believers referred to as "Jews," & "Zion." Also:

Apostasy: "Which falling away, began soon after the apostles, and gradually increased in the Church, until about 457 years, (or thereabouts); at which time the power of the holy people, or church of Christ was scattered or lost, by reason of transgression."

True church: "[Shaker faith has] the only true living gospel on earth." ... "I tell you again, there never has been one soul, from first to last, that ever found complete redemption... not until the opening of this gospel." ... "I have found the only true church and people of God."

"He appeared to be exceedingly happy in the contemplation of his having lived to see the day which has been the subject of prophecy and prayer."

Brown lists other religions that also claimed to be exclusively true: followers Emmanuel Swedenborgh, Richard Brothers and the Catholic church.

"To those that are called of Jesus Christ according to the new dispensation, which he hath been pleased to open in these latter days, by his servant Emmanuel Swedenborgh: Ye have cause to be abundantly thankful to the Lord; for, that in these last days, when darkness had covered the earth, and gross darkness the people, he hath been pleased to raise up unto you a great, and marvellous light."

America "favoured beyond other nations" ... "[The American Revelation made] way and room for the first opening and establishment of the gospel ... And according to the prophesies, there is to be a time when ["earthly powers"] are all to be destroyed, and the government committed into the hands of Christ, and fastened as a nail in a sure place." ... "I firmly believe with you, that no nation or people, under any government, can enjoy permanent and uninterrupted peace, while sin or the principle of evil prevails."

Obedience to leaders: "I now know, as we all do, who have been obedient, that this is the only way of life and salvation ... Admitting you were to see your Elders do, or speak wrong, you should not judge, or find fault with them" ... " [God is revealed] not by immediate revelation to each soul; but by, and through his ministers, whom he hath appointed; and we find that under every dispensation of God's grace to a lost world, he has always made use of instruments by patriarchs and prophets; and so long as people were obedient to the mind and will of God manifested through, and by them, prosperity and a blessing attended them; but when they were disobedient, they became an easy prey to their enemies."

Law of Consecration: "Hold all things in common" ..."and what each family has to spare, is carried to the office, and deposited in the care of the deacon of the church, to be by him given for charitable purposes, to those who are in want, and for the support of the gospel. ... If those who have deposited interest in common stock, ... finally lose their faith, or ... choose to go away, ..." [see D&C 42:29-33,37]

Elect Lady: "Jemima Wilkinson [Universal Friends, 35 miles from Palmyra]... was called, by many people, the Elect Lady; and as the same title was sometimes applied to Ann Lee [Shakers, Albany, NY]" (see D&C 25:3)

Spirit Prison: They contemplated: "What then has become of all those who have died before the opening of this gospel?"

"Those who have the gospel offered to them, (for all will have the offer of it either in time or eternity) and do not receive it, ... will, as they continue to reject it, travail from God into such a state of misery and darkness, called hell, ... Then the mercy of God, in the order of God through his ministers, will reach them; and then by confessing their sins, and receiving the gifts of God, they will arise out of that miserable lost state"

"Concerning the gospel being offered and preached to the world of spirits; and the possibility of their not receiving it, in consequence of their being clothed with the same darkness, or being in the same dark state as when in the body." ... "Its work of an increase in purity and knowledge will never be finished."

"My soul sings redeeming love - Oh! the sweet sensations I feel - Is not this heaven?" [see Alma 5:9,26; 26:13]

Brown left the the Shakers, concerned that church leaders had altered uncomfortable items from its history.

[Source: Grunder, Rick, Mormon Parallels: A Bibliographic Source]

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