110 years ago today - Feb 16, 1911; Thursday

[John W. Taylor to Joseph F. Smith]

Beloved President:

I earnestly request that you call a meeting at your earliest convenience of all of the members of the Kingdom of God [Council of Fifty].

The rights and liberties of some of my co-religionists, my family and myself are now being unjustly attacked and trampled under foot by members of our organization, contrary to our sacred rights that we are entitled to enjoy under the provisions of our constitution.

... In the name of every thing that is sacred to the heart of man, I implore you as Prophet, President and King, to grant unto me a hearing at once, that I may more fully set forth the reasons for my grievance which the consitution of the Kingdom of God so fully guarantees to its members.

Anxiously awaiting an answer, I remain with the sentiments of the highest esteem, Your brother in the bonds of the New and Everlasting Covenant and fellow laborer in the Kingdom of God.

[signed] John W. Taylor

[Note at top of letter:] Not granted I think the demand most absurd. J[oseph]. F. S[mith].

[John W. Taylor, letter to Joseph F. Smith, and Joseph F. Smith, handwritten response, Quinn Papers, original in LDS Archives]

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