60 years ago today - Feb 25, 1961

During the baseball-baptism era a speech by First Presidency Counselor Henry D. Moyle is published in the CHURCH NEWS: "We need these young men [baptized teenagers]. How are we going to get this [labor] missionary building program carried out without them? The answer is, we could not. . . . You elders need have no concern, no matter from what source the criticism comes, as to whether your baptisms are too fast. . . . If you think that President McKay does not know what is going on and that Brother Moyle and Brother Woodbury, and Brother Brockbank are "pulling a fast one," so to speak, why you are mistaken about that. . . . I have noted a little apologetic tone in some of your voices about baptizing too many young people. Well don't put on the brakes."

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