30 years ago today - Feb 19, 1991

LDS publisher Bookcraft sends a memo to dealers who sell their books: "In view of the recent stories about Elder Paul H. Dunn and the accuracy of his books we thought it might be helpful if we provided you with some facts. We are enclosing with this letter a copy of Elder Dunn's official statement which was released after the initial story was printed. We believe this will help clarify the situation. We want to also remind you that just because something is printed in the newspaper or seen on television does not make it necessarily true. We believe that things Elder Dunn said to the Arizona Republic reporter were taken out of context and used in a way to change his original meanings. We know also that the original story and subsequent coverage have been deliberately slanted to hurt Elder Dunn and the Church. We want to call attention to the fact that after all the 'investigation,' these reports are dealing with stories that are a minuscule part of elder Dunn's writings. Bookcraft has been and is still proud to be associated with this fine man and outstanding teacher. We intend to continue publishing his books, and there is absolutely no question of any of his books being recalled."

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