175 years ago today - Feb 22, 1846

At a meeting in the recently-completed Nauvoo Temple "the room was crowded and a great weight caused the new truss floor to settle nearly to its proper position. While settling, an inch-board or some light timber underneath was caught and cracked, the sound of which created great alarm in the congregation and some jumped out of the windows, smashing the glass and all before them. Philo Farnsworth smashed the northeast window while others ran out of the doors and many or those who remained jumped up and down with all their might crying Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! As though they could not settle the floor fast enough, but at the same time so agitated that they knew now what they did. . . .One man who jumped out of the window broke his arm and mashed his face, another broke his leg." Wilford Woodruff records: "I dreamed last night that there was a great Storm that killed thousands of Birds that were floating upon the water. I saw many that were not quite dead. I waided in 2 or three feet of water & picked out many of them & put them under a goose that was sitting & they were warmed brought to life & run about lively & well."

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