125 years ago today - Feb 13, 1896

Apostle Heber J. Grant writes in his diary: "attended a meeting of the apostles in the Temple. . . . The object of the meeting of the apostles and the Presidents of The Seventies was to learn from Brother B.H. Roberts as to his position on a number of matters of importance, and to ask him with reference to some of his public remarks which were felt were not in keeping with what should be said by a leading Church official. Our meeting lasted until 7:45 and was the most painful meeting of my life as Brother Roberts refused to harmonize with his brethren and seemed willing sooner than to bow to the wishes of his brethren to have his position taken away from him I was unable to speak when I first got on my feet on account of the emotions which chocked me in thinking of the position that Brother Roberts was in. Apostles Lyman, Young and others of the brethren were moved to tears. Brother Roberts was firm in his position and none of us seemed to be able in the slightest degree to move him. He felt that he had acted in all fairness and honesty and had nothing what ever to take back. . . . I have felt more like death in the meeting today than at any funeral I have ever attended. feel that unless brother Roberts shall see the error of his way that his soul is lost and this is eternal death, which in comparison to simply passing to our eternal reward by passing from this life to the next is nothing." Roberts had balked at a rule requiring all general authorities to get permission from the First Presidency before engaging in political activities. Roberts, a democrat, felt that this allowed the First Presidency to favor one party over another by allowing Republican general authorities to run for office while forbidding democrats.

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