135 years ago today - Feb 9, 1886

[Edward Stevenson]

... Call[ed] on David Whitmer 8 years ago I visited him & now again[.] ... Father Whitmer Showed me the old manuscript in several dif[f]erent hand writeings also the 7 or 8 lines of charectors that Martin Harris took to Anthony [Charles Anthon] of N.Y. ... Now as 8 years ago he [David Whitmer] Says ["]as I live and Stand upon the earth so shure did I see the Angle who Stood before us. while we were sitting upon a log[,] that is Joseph & I <<& Oliver Cowdry>>[.] we were talking when a bright light began to Shine around us[.] it grew brighter & brighter untill an Angle Stood before us[.] a table [was] in front of him on which was the Plates and the other Plates[,] the Sword of Laben[,] Ball or Compass &c. the plates were shown [to] us [and the] leaves turned over[.] a portion of them were sealed. We also he[a]rd a voice commanding us to bear a testamony of these things to the World &c &c--["] He also relates to me that previous to Joseph Coming to him only a short time while he was plowing in the field he he[a]rd a voice and saw a personage[.] the voice Said ["]Blessed is the name of the Lord & they who keep his commandments["] Soon after which Joseph came along & said ["]David you are chosen to be one of the witnesses of the Book of Mormon.["] he left his team tied up to the fence & they went through a clearing & into the edge of the Woods & sat upon the log as spoken of above. He also relates a little very interesting Incident that occurred in June 1829, David, Oliver, & Joseph, were riding from Harmony[,] Pa.-- the 2 former in front & Joseph [in] back sitting in the bed on hay or straw[.] David had bin down with his team over 100 miles to fetch Joseph up to his mothers to translate the Book of Mormon about 2 1/2 days drive. while thus rideing an aged looking old man came walking along putting his hand on the wagon bed, he had on his back a knapsack & the Strap crossed on his breast[.] he took his handkerchief and wiped his face to remove the sweat as it Seemed to them[.] David who was driveing his team said to the man ["]will you get up and ride[?"] ["]no["] said he ["]I am only going over to Comorah["] & Suddenly disappeared[.] they stop[p]ed the team amazed at the Sudden disap[p]earance of the fine looking stranger[.] he says that they all felt so strangely-- that they asked the Prophet to enquire of the Lord who this stranger was. Soon David said they turned around & Joseph looked pale almost transparent & said that [the man] was one of the Nephites, and [that] he had the Plates of the Book of Mormon in the knapsac[k]-- After their arival home the[y] felt the influence of this same personage around them for he said thare was a Heavenly feeling with this Nephite. Mother Whitmer Said and told them that She had see[n] this same man the Nephite & [that] he showed her the Plates and that a portion of them were Sealed together. This was a great privalige to her but She was good to Joseph the Prophet and here was her reward. David delighted to relate meny of those incidents. But as to Peter[,] James & John Comeing to Joseph & Confering the Priesthood upon him he is ignorant of it[.] he Says that the Lord commanded and that is all. But here he is in the dark. ...

[Edward Stevenson, Journal, 24:30-37, entry of 9 February 1886, LDS Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.]

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