170 years ago today - Feb 2, 1851

At the Bowery in Salt Lake City Brigham Young preaches: "I want to speak a little upon natural philosophy. We sow the grain. It dies, rots in the ground, and then it brings forth a hundred fold. The elements which surrounded us produce these effects. If we had a correct knowledge of the elements and knew how to control and separate them we could make bread as well out of the elements as Jesus did when he fed the multitude. The day will come when we can go on a journey without taking any food with them. [They] would have power to make it as they went along." Amasa Lyman follows him and preaches: "if a man was wise in eating and drinking and they would begin to learn wisdom in work and walking [they] would walk and not be weary, run and not faint for they would have wisdom enough to stop before they got weary." After the meeting the First Presidency and Twelve feasted on the first turkey killed in the Salt Lake Valley.

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