175 years ago today - Feb 15, 1846

[Hosea Stout]

Sunday Feb 15th 1846. After regulating the guard I went to Nauvoo as I had been informed that there could not be any waggons procured to carry the public muskets in & I thought that I could make a raise of one. When I landed on the other side of the river I met President Brigham Young just ready to go aboard of his boat to cross over from Nauvoo to the camp[.] He told me to send the rest of the guard over also as soon as possible[.] Accordingly I proceeded to the Temple and sent out orders to the different captains to proceed forthwith accross the river and from thence to Br Noah T Guymans to raise a team there belonging to Robert Johnson[.] After much ado and persuasion he agreed to go & I staid untill he was ready to start and came with him to the Temple and took in about one hundred muskets and while loading them Genl Rich came with a man and a team also for the muskets so I took my load and left him to bring on the rest and then started to the river[.] While going down the hill west of the

Temple my horse being very unruly broke his bridle bits and I leaped off as soon as possible but not before he was near full speed which threw me heels over head down the hill in the watter & sand but not materially hurt otherwise. I proceeded to the river & crossed over and there found Br. Young just ready to start to the other camp who told me to come on with four or five companies[.] I then set all hands to preparing to move leaving Hunter in charge at the camp till morning. We started about four oclock and over took Brigham at the hill 2 miles from the river about dark[.] His teams could not get up the hill without doubling them[.] He was there at work in the mud assisting the teamsterswe also assisted them up and they went on and we were a long time getting up as all our teams had to be doubled also. It was now some time in the night and very cold and the women & children cold and disagreeable. After getting on the hill we proceeded to camp and found Brigham just driving to his fire on the

East side of Sugar Creek which we called Kedronwe also encamped west of him also on the East of the brook.

It was about Eleven oclock when we was through and ready for rest[.] After posting our the guard we retired to rest untill morning.

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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