175 years ago today - Feb 2nd [Feb 1846]

[Brigham Young]

we suspended the work in the Sealing department for the purpose of bringing up the record which were yet in the rear--The washings & anointings were continued with all Possible Speed in the other departments- at 10- o clock A. M. I met in council in Room No 1 with the 12 & the Trustees & some few others- the Topiac of our council- was to ascertain the feelings of the Brethren that were expecting to set out Westward .. that when a Family is called to go- that all things may be in the waggon within 4 hours ... They are calculating to intercept our way & whenever we start but we want to be 500 miles from here before they are aware of our move-& in order to have this circulated privately & effectually- ... before leaving I gave instructions to my Clerks not to stop until the record of the endowments are brought up so that= nothing may escape the Notice as for the want recording in a legible & intelegable- Then to let the work of sealings & anointings & if any one wants to be sealed & we have the time to attend to it- let them make out the records themselves- & that will be their way---

[Brigham Young Journal # 4 in the handwriting of: William Clayton, Evan Greene, John D. Lee, Willard Richards. First person account kept by others. 'Lieut. Genl Brigham Young's Journal 1844']

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