175 years ago today - Sunday, Feb 15, 1846.

[Willard Richards]

Very fine morning. Snow 3 or 4 inches deep. William Kay and his wife stayed with me to help me till I left. At 12 noon, got in my carriage furnished by Daniel Parrot and driven by his son, Henry, with Amelia E. P. and Sarah L. Richards, Ellen, Heber John, and Rhoda A. Jennetta, with my buggy lashed behind and tent poles, and arrived across the river about 2 p.m., ... where [there] was President Young and about 50 loaded wagons and carriages, and B. [Brigham] Young would not go on till all who were going at that time were ready. We started about 4, okay. Traveling very bad; about 4 miles out, come to a bad hill and President Young would not go on till he had seen all the teams up, laboring with his own hands. Left the hill at dusk and arrived at Sugar Creek camp about 8. All in conference in camp. 9 miles.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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