190 years ago today - Feb 09, 1831

Joseph Smith receives portions of Doctrine and Covenants 42, with additional portions revealed on February 23. Called by Joseph "the law of the Church," this revelation includes instructions concerning the implementation of the law of consecration.

The New Jerusalem. Only those ordained by recognized authorities may preach -from the Bible and Book of Mormon. Speak and prophecy as the Comforter directs. Cast out the unrepentant. Consecrate property to the Lord. The bishop returns what the family needs. Keep the rest in the Lord's storehouse for the poor and needy. Do not return consecrated property excommunicants. Do not mention Bible translation until complete. Do not go in debt to the world unless commanded [dropped in 1835].

[Kenney, Scott; Saints Without Halos, 'Doctrine and Covenants,' http://web.archive.org/web/20120805163534/saintswithouthalos.com/s/_dc.phtml]

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