190 years ago today - Feb 15, 1831

The Painesville, Ohio TELEGRAPH reports: "He [Sidney Rigdon] then spoke of the supernatural gifts with which he said [Jospeh] Smith was endowed; he said he could translate the scriptures from any language in which they were now extant, and could lay his finger on every interpolation in the sacred writings, adding, that he had proved him in all these things. But my friends knowing that Mr. Rigdon had no knowledge of any language but his own vernacular tongue, asked him how he knew these things, to which Mr. R[igdon] made no direct reply. Mr. Smith arrived at Kirtland the next day; and being examined concerning his supernatural gifts by a scholar, who was capable of testing his knowledge, he confessed he knew nothing of any language, save the king's English. Mr. R[igdon] asserted that our revelation came to us upon human testimony - this we denied, and gave him reasons which he himself formerly urged against DEISTS. He then said the OLD revelation was confirmed by miracles, but the Book of Mormon would never be; it was not designed to be thus confirmed."

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