125 years ago today - Mar 5, 1896

[J. Golden Kimball]

At 10 AM agreeable with appointment met with the Presidency of the Church, Quorum of Apostles, and 1st Council of Seventies at the Temple in the large room occupied by Twelve Apostles. ... The object of the meeting being to consider Elder B. H. Roberts case. ... They agreed that they concurred with the apostles in not sustaining Elder Roberts unless he would humble himself and seek Council from the Pres[idency] of the Church ... Pres[idents]. Jos[eph]. F. Smith, Geo[rge]. Q. Cannon and Pres[ident] Willfo[r]d Woodruff spoke plainly upon the sustaining of the priesthood, and also regarding the position Bro[ther]. Roberts had taken in political matters viz. sep[a]ration of Church and State and Woman Suffrage. Elder Roberts then spoke explaining why he had taken such a course. Justified himself in accepting a nomination from the Democratic party without consulting with the Authorities. Presumed from conversations had with the bretheren that he had their permission, but in accepting a position in the Herald as Editor without their consent he believed he was wrong. He stated in answer to a question put to him by Pres[ident] Geo[rge] Q. Cannon that he considered it improper to ask council regarding political matters from men who were Republicans, and that it was ill becoming to an American citizen. ... The instance was called to his attention regarding the time he rebelled against the issuance of the Manifesto, You were wrong then, could it not be possible that you were wrong again. He manifested no change, notwithstanding the labors of all the brethren for 8 hours the first meeting and six hours at this meeting; There seemed to be no willingness to follow council. His mind was darkened and he desired the matter to be settled at once. Apostle [Brigham] Young [Jr.], after some talk from the brethren, motion[ed] that Brother Roberts be dropped from the Council of the Seventies, as one of its seven presidents, and be suspended from all action in the functions of the Priesthood. This meant that even if he repented at some future time he loses his place as one of the 1st council of the Seventies. The Brethren felt reluctant in crowding the matter and Apostle [Heber J.] Grant moved that three weeks from date of this meeting be given Bro[ther] Roberts before action be taken on Apostle Youngs motion. If at the expiration of that time Bro[ther] Roberts could not humble himself before the Quorum above mentioned action was to be taken agreeable with the resolution. It was a most solemn occasion and one that I will never forget...

[J. Golden Kimball, Diary, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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